To help Clinic/Spa owners around the world BY Creating resources, programs, and community that help them win back more time, make more money, and achieve a bigger impact.

Our Core Values

Stay Scrappy

Staying Scrappy means embracing agility and resourcefulness, thriving amid challenges, and leveraging limited resources for remarkable results. It’s about staying nimble, adaptable, and doing more with less. In a world of constant change, the scrappy ones always win.

Serve Relentlessly ​

Embodying ‘serve relentlessly’ means going beyond the ordinary, transcending expectations into the extraordinary. It’s not just completing tasks but exceeding expectations, leaving a lasting impression with customer service. It’s the willingness to push further, to go the extra mile, that truly distinguishes us.

Facts > Feelings

“Embracing ‘Facts Over Feelings’ means prioritizing truth and logic in our decision-making process, even when it challenges our comfort. It’s about basing choices on evidence and analysis rather than personal emotions or biases. Ultimately, this commitment leads to more informed decisions and sustainable success in the long run.

Speed is King

Living by ‘Speed is King’ means valuing swift action and efficiency in all endeavors, recognizing time as our most precious resource in today’s fast-paced world. It involves streamlining processes, eliminating delays, and consistently seeking ways to expedite workflows, ensuring agility and responsiveness in a competitive landscape where every moment counts